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September Ceremony Post

July 5th! is the July Grand ceremony.

Mark your calendar!JOIN us in strengthening the energy field of an elevated, divine consciousness ... Read more
2015 May 17 events

Be there live! SOPP 2015 and East-West Celebration

For the third consecutive year, the Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) at Fuji Sanctuary will be bro... Read more
SOPP2014 flags

SOPP 2015: a new milestone for humanity

The next major event on our calendar is the 2015 Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremony, to be held on... Read more
  • Prayer for World Peace
  • Gratitude to Nature
  • Introducing the SOPP

Prayer for World Peace

'May Peace Prevail on Earth' is a universal prayer for the peace and happiness of all humanity and all life on earth, as well as a path to inner peace and serenity.

Read more: Prayer for World Peace

Gratitude to Nature

Expressing gratitude to the earth and the environment sends out a harmonizing energy that touches everything around us, and brightens our own hearts as well.

Read more: Gratitude to Nature

Introducing the Symphony of Peace Prayers

The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) is an inter‐religious, inter‐spiritual annual peace prayer event that brings together people from different faiths and spiritual traditions to pray with one voice for peace on earth.

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