Bright Thinking and Bright Words

Brightening our lives with words of infinite light

Most of us are carrying a lot of negative thought-habits with us — habits that we created with a materialistic consciousness. Are we going to continue this way forever, letting ourselves be controlled by past habits without even noticing what is happening? Now it is time for us to take control of our habits. It is time for us to be aware of all the words we speak, and take responsibility for them.

Stop and take a look at the words you are speaking and thinking each day, from moment to moment. Those words are creating circumstances that surround you. When you change those words into positive, hope-filled ones, the world around you will change.

When you keep thinking ‘I can do this!’ it turns into a new habit. The more you think it and say it, the stronger the new habit becomes. It is not so difficult. Just start doing it, one word at a time. As you continue, before you know it, bright words will start to come easily. They will just come out naturally. Before you know it, you will become someone who is perfectly in tune with your divine consciousness!

— Masami Saionji, from a talk given in India, February 2014

Today, more and more people are becoming aware that our words and thoughts carry energy that affects our lives and the world around us. We are realizing how important it is to be attentive and selective in choosing even the casual words that we use in daily life.

When we think and speak positive, light-filled words and phrases, their energy lives on forever, radiating light to all humanity, healing people’s hearts and spreading happiness and joy. If all people in the world spoke only words of light, imagine how peaceful and harmonious the world would be!

Empower yourself with ‘infinite’ words

To think and speak bright, positive words at all times is a matter of changing our habits. However, it takes practice, dedication, and constant awareness. To assist us in doing this, Byakko Shinko Kai offers the practice of Bright Thinking.

When a dark thought crosses your mind, counter it with a bright one like Infinite light! When you feel gloomy or sullen, pierce through the darkness with a phrase like Infinite improvement! Infinite joy! or Infinite possibility!

If you practice this day in and day out, before you know it, you will find that life is taking a brighter direction. Be as creative as you like with your bright words — the possibilities are infinite!

49 Words of Light for positive thinking

Below is a partial list of the 49 Words of Light that Byakko offers for anyone to use in their practice of Bright Thinking (the complete list can be downloaded here). Of course, these are only examples, and you are welcome to add to the list and make it your own. Infinite creativity!

Going over the list regularly is a good way to have these words readily available in your mind, to be able to counter any negativity with a thought that uplifts and elevates your being, while at the same time sending a positive vibration to your surroundings and the entire world.

Infinite Love
Infinite Harmony
Infinite Peace
Infinite Light
Infinite Power
Infinite Wisdom
Infinite Life
Infinite Happiness
Infinite Radiance
Infinite Talent
Infinite Energy
Infinite Potential
Infinite Ability
Infinite Success
Infinite Health
Infinite Vitality
Infinite Creativity
Infinite Originality
Infinite Development
Infinite Growth
Infinite Gratitude

The Bright Thinking IN

Like the INs introduced elsewhere, the IN of Bright Thinking acts like an antenna that connects us to the infinite energy of the universe. This IN is simple and easy to learn, and can be done anywhere. We invite you to try it, feel free to use it in your own practice.

Download: IN of Bright Thinking (PDF)

You can perform the IN while watching our online video dedicated to Bright thinking. To watch the video please click here.

For more practice in bright positive thinking, we invite you to visit Masami Saionji’s website Think Something Wonderful, and to read her book by the same title.