Programs and Training

Since the 1990s, Byakko Shinko Kai has offered a series of programs based on its philosophy, teachings, and practices, to enable people all over the world to turn their own lives in a brighter direction through inner peace and spiritual fulfillment, and to send light-filled energy out to the people around them and to everything in existence.

The Shinjin (divine beings) program is a universally accessible, self-guided program for spiritual awakening and the affirmation of divinity in oneself and all humanity.

The Nana Maru (70) program and International Lecturer Course are in-depth training programs that are specifically designed for people living outside Japan or people in Japan from foreign countries — that is, people who are not native to the Japanese language and culture.

Over the past few years, Byakko has focused on the development of activities within Japan, as well as the Symphony of Peace Prayers event. For this reason, the Nana Maru program and International Lecturer Course are temporarily on hold and are being reevaluated. They are expected to be reopened in the future. At the same time, spiritual retreats at Fuji Sanctuary for people familiar with the work of Byakko Shinko Kai are currently under discussion.

Updated information about our programs, retreats, and similar activities will be posted on this website as it becomes available. You may also contact us with questions at any time. For inquiries about the Shinjin (divine beings) program and various Byakko practices, you may get in touch with the overseas contacts in your area.