Video Prayer Gathering

   Since the year 2020, the world is facing a situation, unlike anything that has been experienced for generations. The new coronavirus has unleashed a global pandemic that has had dramatic effects on human society. As part of the efforts to slow or stop the spread of the virus, people all around the world are being asked not to gather in groups, and to stay at home as much as possible. This has meant the cancellation of monthly prayer gatherings and other events at Fuji Sanctuary.

   A message from Masami Saionji has been sent out, part of which is conveyed below.

   “Whatever incident may arise; it is a process toward the rebirth of our divine sanctity. The circumstances in which we find ourselves now are not a consequence, but a part of a process. Let us infuse light into this process and create a path not for division but for assimilation.
     In this period when in-person gatherings are suspended, we can feel our invisible connections and firmly believe that we exist together in the divine field. Through our consciousness and our physical energy, let us further elevate the co-resonant field of light and create an even stronger light energy.
     The place where each of us prays is a sanctuary. Until the day when conditions have settled and we are able to pray together for world peace at Fuji Sanctuary once again, please stay connected with Fuji Sanctuary and with prayer colleagues around the world, and continue sending out prayers and INs for the rebirth of human divinity.”

   In response to this call for connecting in prayer, a new online event that can be participated from home has been created. This event has been given the name the “Video Prayer Gathering” and is organized twice a month. The program of this event includes prayers and INs dedicated to the needs of the moment. This event is planned to continue until we are able to pray together for world peace at Fuji Sanctuary. The event is presented in the Japanese language, with short English translations in between the program.

   Please feel free to join us at this live online broadcast.

   Information about the date, time, and link can be found at the bottom of our top page in the “What’s New” section. Usually, the link is uploaded just a few days before the live event.
   Information about the upcoming dates can be found at our Events.

May peace prevail on earth