Toitsu Meditation

(統一) is a Japanese word that means ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’.  Byakko’s practice of toitsu meditation aims at reconnecting us with our true, divine self. Toitsu meditation is closely connected with prayer for world peace.

Toitsu is not about trying to consciously erase the thoughts that pass through our mind as we engage in meditation. Rather, it is a practice of entrusting these thoughts to the elevated energy that is contained in the prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth, by flinging them directly into the prayer.

With regular practice, little by little, the peaceful state that we achieve during toitsu is carried into our daily life, giving us a brighter outlook on all the events and circumstances we encounter, and also affecting the people around us and the environment we live in.

The first thing to do is to make own your mind bright and calm. When you have succeeded in doing this, the world around you will naturally brighten as well: Let go of the idea that you are separate from God, and regain the awareness that you and God are one.  It is for this reason that we pray for world peace and practice toitsu.

— from “Toitsu and Prayer for World Peace” by Yuka Saionji

For further reading:
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“Toitsu and Prayer for World Peace” by Yuka Saionji, in Byakko magazine issue 108