May Peace Prevail on Earth

The foundation of the World Peace Prayer Movement

May peace prevail on Earth.
May peace be in our home and countries.
May our missions be accomplished.
We thank you, guardian divinities and the guardian spirits.

If you fling all your thoughts into these simple words, and from this prayer keep living your lives anew, before you know it your individualistic or cliquish feelings will diminish, and you will find yourselves wishing for the happiness of all people, with a feeling of humanitarian love welling up from within. Gradually, each person’s character will approach wholeness, and his or her lifestyle will strike a harmonious note-which is the greatest thing an individual can do for world peace. I believe that prayer for world peace is the single most needed good action in today’s world for bringing peace to the individual life and, at the same time, for playing a large role in the achievement of world peace.
— Masahisa Goi

The prayer May peace prevail on Earth was introduced to Japan and the world in 1955 by Masahisa Goi. Today, this universal message is still the cornerstone of Byakko Shinko Kai’s work for inner peace and world peace – the simultaneous awakening of the individual and all humanity.

Goi Sensei, as he was known, believed that in our modern world, the fate of the individual and the fate of all humanity are inextricably linked, and thus we as individuals cannot achieve lasting peace and happiness until the whole world is at peace. At the same time, we cannot bring peace to the world unless we ourselves have attained a state of peace and wholeness.

Goi Sensei taught that our thoughts and words create an energy field strong enough to alter not only our own lives, but the future of the entire planet. As we draw positive energy into ourselves, we also help bring about peace on earth with the amazing power of these words.

Although physically, each person appears to be separate from others, in the world of thought vibrations we are all linked together, interrelating with and influencing one another. These links exist not only among parents, children, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends – they exist among all people who share similar thought vibrations. An individual’s thought vibrations circulate round the earth in the space of an instant, reaching everyone who has an affinity for them…When you think about this principle, you will see that even the smallest thought activity cannot be neglected… I can clearly state that we will never have peace on earth until both humanity and the individual are simultaneously uplifted and set free from dark thought vibrations. Unless we address the subject of each individual’s thinking, and of what kind of thinking would be most beneficial, it is out of the question to talk about world peace or how we dislike war.

The world peace prayer movement that Masahisa Goi founded is based on this universal message and prayer, which anyone in the world can accept and adopt into their own life. The prayer can be said in its full form (above), or simply as the words May peace prevail on Earth.

Through this prayer, we turn our own individual heart and mind in a brighter direction, and also send positive thought waves to all humanity and all life on earth. In this way, prayer for world peace plays a fundamental role in the consciousness shift that is emerging throughout the world today.

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