Mandala Writing

Uplifting ourselves, reviving the earth

Just imagine how the earth will feel as you create a mandala filled with endless gratitude for all the earth’s blessings. I believe that this will surely soothe and refresh the earth, allowing it to recover its original health, happiness, and stability. We can all gather up the love and gratitude that we hold within us and give expression to it by making mandalas of infinite gratitude and mandalas of infinite light.
— Masami Saionji

What is a mandala?
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘circle,’ and it is symbolic of wholeness and harmony. Through the ages, mandalas have been used in spiritual traditions around the world. Today, they are used in meditation, art therapy, and other healing practices.

While mandalas can be created and used in many different ways, Byakko Shinko Kai has introduced the practice of handwritten mandalas. A handwritten mandala is made up of a number of concentric circles, inside which bright, positive, meaningful words and phrases are written. As we write, the power of those words is poured into the mandala. The process of writing the words heals and revitalizes us. When the mandala is completed, it continuously radiates this healing energy to humanity and the world of nature.

Writing a mandala is a process that begins with going deep within ourselves to a place of love and thankfulness, drawing out those innermost thoughts and feelings, and inscribing them onto the mandala paper. When we write a mandala, we become a vessel for the universal energy, allowing it to manifest its infinite wisdom, power, and expansiveness in this earthly world. When our mandala is complete, it is a unique expression of our true self that can also be a beautiful work of art.

For details on creating and using written mandalas, please see our Mandala Booklet:
Download: Mandalas of Bright Words and Gratitude to Nature – English (PDF)
Download: Mandalas of Bright Words and Gratitude to Nature – Spanish (PDF)

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