Ware Soku Kami Nari

The Divinity IN for the Self (Ware Soku Kami Nari)

Ware Soku Kami Nari (我即神也) is a Japanese spiritual phrase that means ‘I am a divine being’ or ‘I am one with the universe’. The IN of Ware Soku Kami Nari is performed for the purpose of attuning ourselves to the harmony of the great universe, so that we may begin to give expression to our innate divinity. It is a method for catching hold of the universal energy and integrating it deeply within our being.

Sounds, movements, and breath
When performing the Divinity IN for the Self, we synchronize a series of specific sounds (or sound vibrations, also called kotodama in Japanese) with precise hand and arm movements and deep, peaceful breathing. These three elements work together to attain a perfect, harmonious blend of physical energy and universal energy. As we practice all three aspects of the IN, these energies flow more freely within us, bringing greater benefits, confidence, and fulfillment.

Each of the sound/movement combinations carries a specific meaning. Once we have become comfortable with making the sounds and movements, we can begin to pay more attention to the meaning behind them, if we wish to, letting it resonate in our consciousness to further enhance our practice.

The Divine Affirmation of Ware Soku Kami Nari
The Divinity IN for the Self is traditionally preceded by a formal affirmation of one’s divinity. Although this recitation is optional, it can greatly benefit our practice of the IN. The words of the affirmation are filled with a beautiful, elevated energy that prepares us for our practice of the IN. It also helps us to stay centered in our peaceful, divine self throughout our day-to-day lives.
Download: The Divine Affirmation of Ware Soku Kami Nari (PDF)

When and where to perform the IN?
The Divinity IN for the Self can be performed at any time and place, as often as we wish. Performing the IN in a natural setting is especially wonderful, as we are more easily able to connect and share our harmonious energy with the earth. Please note that it is important be aware of one’s surroundings while practicing outdoors.

If you cannot perform the IN for physical reasons, or because time or circumstances do not permit it, you can visualize the IN, or simply think the phrase I am a divine being. This will still be effective in bringing a sense of calmness, focus, inner harmony, and renewed energy.

Masami Saionji has remarked: Regardless of what condition your physical body is in, your spiritual body is complete and perfect. Your spiritual body will perform the IN just as you envision it in your mind.

To learn the movements of the Divinity IN for the Self, at your leisure, please click here to watch the video.

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