Gratitude to Nature & Bright Words Mandalas

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There are two main types of handwritten mandalas that Byakko has introduced for anyone to practice:

Mandalas of bright words
Bright, positive words — words of gratitude, beauty, compassion, joy, and love — carry a wonderful energy and power. They are expressions of our original, shining self. When we create a mandala using bright, positive words, we are imbuing ourselves with the qualities that we want most. We are calling those qualities forth from our universal source. We are instilling them in our consciousness, in our bodies, and in the world around us.

If you want to fill your heart with love, you can write a mandala using a phrase like infinite love. If you want to enjoy better health, you can write infinite health and healing. If you want to build better relations with people in your life, you can write infinite harmony. You can write any bright words and phrases you wish, and of course, you can also write the universal prayer May peace prevail on Earth.
Mandalas of gratitude to nature
Words of gratitude are especially powerful, because gratitude is light itself. When the earth is infused with the light of gratitude, its strength revives, its suffering is lightened, and it can continue to provide love and support to humanity.

A mandala of gratitude to nature is filled with expressions of gratitude, such as Thank you, dear earth, Thank you dear water, Thank you dear animals, and Thank you, dear sun.

Please refer to this page for more about expressing gratitude to nature.

For more details on creating and using written mandalas, please see our Mandala Booklet:
Download: Mandalas of Bright Words and Gratitude to Nature – English (PDF)
Download: Mandalas of Bright Words and Gratitude to Nature – Spanish (PDF)

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