Other Ways to Use Mandalas

Handwritten mandalas come in all different sizes. They can be written individually or collectively, and they offer a wonderful experience for adults and children alike.

Collective mandalas
Large collective mandalas combine the thoughts and prayers of many people. Each person’s writing creates a unique flow of energy inside the mandala, and the end result is a field that is vibrant with the energy of all those who have contributed to it. Creating a sacred mandala is also a wonderful way for people to come together and celebrate our oneness, in gratitude to the earth, nature, and all forms of life.

Collective mandalas are usually written on fabric that is imprinted with concentric circles. Participants can begin writing anywhere on the mandala, so that many people can contribute at the same time.
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Mandalas for children
Children all over the world have enjoyed writing mandalas. It is a fun and creative way for children to explore and reflect on matters such as peace, the environment and the people in their lives. Many children express things in mandalas that they may not have been able to express before. If they are not able to write words yet, they can express themselves in pictures.

Educators have used mandala writing in classroom lessons, workshops, and peace education programs, to encourage children’s creativity and thoughtfulness.
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Mandala exhibits
Since the practice of writing mandalas was introduced, numerous mandala exhibits have been held around the world. Whether created individually or collectively, the mandalas look even more beautiful when displayed together. Visitors to the exhibits are often surprised to learn that the mandalas are not drawn or painted, but written by hand. Many have said that they can feel the love and light radiating from each mandala.
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Mandalas for special events
Mandalas can also be created for special events and occasions. In 2003, to mark the International Year of Fresh Water, a group of people had the idea to create one mandala for each continent, plus one for the Middle East. The mandala papers traveled from country to country, and hundreds of people enjoyed writing on them.

In February 2013, in support of a special event at the United Nations, a large mandala with the word peace written in many languages was created at Fuji Sanctuary in Japan. It was displayed in the lobby of the UN Headquarters during the event, radiating its peaceful energy.
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Shinjin mandalas
Writing large mandalas with special phrases is an essential part of Byakko’s Shinjin program.

Obtaining Mandala templates
Templates for writing mandalas are available from Byakko Shinko Kai in a variety of sizes. For more information, please contact us.

For more details on creating and using written mandalas, please see our Mandala Booklet:
Download: Mandalas of Bright Words and Gratitude to Nature – English (PDF)
Download: Mandalas of Bright Words and Gratitude to Nature – Spanish (PDF)