The ‘Fading Away’ Principle

A teaching of absolute love and forgiveness

Everything that takes shape in the form of sickness, poverty, and so on is a manifestation of karma (thoughts, words, and actions from a past consciousness), appearing at the moment when it is supposed to vanish away. Therefore, when illness, financial problems, or other such circumstances arise in your life, I do not recommend that you search for the hidden causes behind them by digging up the mistaken attitudes that you may have held in the past. Just think that all this suffering is occurring in the process of fading away, and that it will absolutely vanish into nothingness. Then, once it has entirely disappeared, your original, infinite light will shine through and a truly wonderful world will take shape around you.

So, all you need to do is to think, with your whole being, that all those unpleasant experiences are fading away, and to feel gratitude toward the infinite love and protection of the universe. And a really effective way to do this is with the words, ‘Fading away-May peace prevail on Earth.’ If you continue to practice this method wholeheartedly, without giving up, you can rest assured that things will most definitely turn out well.

This is a teaching of complete entrustment-absolute trust in the divine. It is a teaching of unconditional love and forgiveness, recognizing not even one speck of evil in the true nature of a human being. If you want to offer people a sure, true teaching on the perfect nature of a human being, tell them about this. This in itself is enough.

— Masahisa Goi

In this and many other writings, Masahisa Goi affirms that everything that appears in our lives, whether good or bad, is a manifestation of thoughts, words, and actions that we ourselves generated in the past. These past ‘causes’ have accumulated through many previous lifetimes, right up to the present. In time, these past ‘causes’ generate ‘effects’ that appear in our lives as present-day circumstances and events. They appear to us now in the process of vanishing away forever.

rsz_philosophy-‘fading_away’_principleWhat we encounter in life may make us feel upset, sorrowful, angry, or perplexed. But what is most essential is that we neither run from these feelings nor cling to them. No matter what circumstances we might face, and how they might make us feel, we can aid in the transformative fading away process through our present way of thinking.

When dark clouds of negative thoughts are hanging over us, we can transform them with the phrase: Fading away — May peace prevail on Earth.

We can further help this process of transformation by using bright, inspiring words and phrases. Each time we do so, we shift our way of thinking to a more positive one, thus creating new, light-filled causes that will bring forth a radiant future.

When we are aware that everything is in the process of fading away, we can stand firm in the face of any difficulty, with the knowledge that as our past thoughts and actions manifest and then disappear, step by step we are drawing closer to manifesting our true self.

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