Masahisa Goi (Founder)

Masahisa Goi (1916-1980) is the late founder of the world peace prayer movement based on the universal prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth. This movement began in 1955 as a means of transcending religious, ethnic, and political boundaries to bring about peace through prayer. Byakko Shinko Kai was founded to support the activities of the world peace prayer movement.

In his early years, Masahisa Goi aimed at a career in music, but found himself spontaneously drawn to philosophy and spiritual guidance. At the age of thirty-three he attained oneness with his higher self, and from that time on, he endeavored to reach out to people by holding informal talks, where everyone was invited to participate and ask questions. He enjoyed this direct contact with people, and provided many with spiritual guidance toward the attainment of inner peace.

Masahisa Goi believed that if we put all our thoughts and efforts into the prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth, it would have a uniting and positive effect on all humanity, as the words themselves carry an elevated and harmonious vibration.

During his lifetime, Masahisa Goi authored more than sixty books and volumes of poetry, including God and Man (his first and most fundamental work), One Who Unites Heaven and Earth (an autobiography of his early life), The Spirit of Lao Tsu, and Essays on the Bible, to name a few. (Please visit the Byakko Press website for more information about books and other publications.) Masahisa Goi’s work continues today through his adoptive daughter, Masami Saionji.

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