More about Masami Saionji

Masahisa Goi’s vision continues through Masami Saionji

Masami Saionji’s first encounter with Masahisa Goi was at the early age of 16. It was, however, during a severe bout of illness at the age of twenty that she connected even more deeply with Masahisa Goi’s philosophy and his vision for world peace. He often visited her at that time for special healing work. She was required to rest at home for long periods during this time, and had many profound spiritual experiences that were to shape her life and point her toward a future of working for world peace.

Soon after that, Mrs. Saionji’s true life mission as a future spiritual leader began to unfold, and Masahisa Goi designated her as his spiritual adoptive daughter and subsequently, his successor as chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai. While under his strict spiritual guidance for ten years, Mrs. Saionji attended various universities in the U.S. and in Japan. In additions, her love for the arts had led her to study Japanese classical dance at an early age, and she ultimately became a teacher in this field.

Following Masahisa Goi’s passing from this world in 1980, Mrs. Saionji took over the spiritual leadership of the world peace prayer movement, and has dedicated her entire life to furthering its worldwide expansion. She has lived in North America as well as Europe, and travels extensively to give talks throughout Japan and abroad.

Reflecting on her attendance at a peace conference held in Tokyo, one of the guests shared her impressions: [Mrs. Saionji] seems so petite, so fragile, and yet as soon as she takes the podium, a force emanates from her that is both formidable and contagious because of the faith she has in what she realizes and the hope she conveys and helps awaken in people.

Masami Saionji’s exceptional efforts for world peace have gained international recognition, and she has been called to participate in numerous peace events and international conferences on world peace and spirituality. In November 2001, she was named an honorary member of the Club of Budapest in recognition of her exceptional efforts for world peace. In 2006, she joined in the Table of Free Voices held in Berlin, Germany. In August 2008, she and her husband received the Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize from the World Peace Center in Pune, India. In 2010 she received the WON award honoring distinguished women leaders. In February 2013, she had the privilege of presenting the Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremony at the United Nations, in a special event entitled United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony, which was hosted by the president of the UN General Assembly.

Her recognition has afforded her the opportunity to share her extraordinary energy and wisdom with other spiritual leaders who are also renowned for their leadership and efforts towards world peace. Mrs. Saionji continues to inspire and encourage many people through her talks and writings. Many of the numerous speeches Mrs. Saionji has delivered at Fuji Sanctuary as well as at other venues are available upon request from Byakko Shinko Kai.

Divinity INs and Mandalas
During the 1990s, Masami Saionji introduced two new spiritual practices to Byakko Shinko Kai and the world, the Divinity INs for the self and for humanity, and the practice of handwritten mandalas.

Masami Saionji’s legacy continues in the next generation
Masami Saionji’s three daughters, Maki, Rika, and Yuka have all been closely connected to the world peace prayer movement from an early age. In the 21st century, they are taking their places among the peace, spiritual and environmental leaders of the young generation, expressing their own vision for brighter, more peaceful world.