Impressions from Social Innovators

Birju Pandya (Service Space, USA)
An amazing experience of connection to heart family on the other side of earth!
It was stunning to see the pull that the SOPP movement has gotten, people whose actions are driven by wanting to pray for others and set deeper intentions for their own capacity to serve.
We spent some time with [Masami Saionji]. She reminded me of the energy of someone like Nisargadatta Maharaj. Lots of energy, clarity, calculated kindness, and an understanding that there is little time to waste! Was powerful to be in her presence!
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Kazu Haga (Positive Peace Warrior, USA)
I was impressed with Byakko Shinko Kai’s commitment to shugyo. Through their mandalas, they write and recite in their minds mantras (such as May Peace Prevail on Earth) over and over until it’s engrained in their being. Senior staff repeats mantras, mudras and other practices thousands and thousands of times and it takes them years to complete certain assignments.
During their regular morning prayer sessions, Byakko talks about and offer prayers for peace for the world in general, but also specifically to regions of the world that are in conflict or issues that are impacting people today. Each morning, they offer prayers for peace in Israel and Palestine, for example.
They also talk about dismantling nuclear energy, but in a way that I have never seen any other anti-nuclear group talk about it. They actually offer their gratitude to nuclear energy for all that it’s provided us. They go on to speak about how nuclear power has served it’s purpose, and that it is no longer needed in Japan or in the world.
The end result is the same: a desire for nuclear disarmament. But it puts a different spin on things and is a framing that I appreciate. Anytime you can begin the conversation with gratitude, it makes dialogue so much more effective.
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