Visual Tour of Fuji Sanctuary

This brief tour introduces the main sites of interest at Fuji Sanctuary. There are spaces for large prayer gatherings and ceremonies, and spaces for quiet reflection, all integrated into the natural environment.
The painted map below provides an overview of the grounds, after which the various sites are described in greater detail.
Also a short introduction video of the Fuji Sanctuary can be watched on our YouTube channel. To see the video, please click here.
FS watercolor map
visual tour prayer field1. The Prayer Field
With capacity for well over 10,000 people, the Prayer Field is the main gathering site at Fuji Sanctuary. The flags of the world surround the large open area, creating a sense of the whole world united as one.

visual tour map globe2. World Map and Globe
Next to the Prayer Field is a world map made of stones and grass, with a small peace pole marking each country. Standing before the large map and globe with Mt. Fuji towering above gives one a feeling of tranquility and inspiration.

visual tour peace path3. Peace Path
The path leading to the Prayer Field is lined with 192 peace poles, each inscribed with a prayer for peace in that country and the universal prayer ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’.


visual tour honkan4. Main Building (Honkan)
On the ground floor of this building is the large prayer hall. Regular prayers are held here daily, and everyone is welcome to sit and meditate or pray at any time of day. The lower level is used for projects such as 7-21 activity, in which 7,100 prayers for peace in a particular country are written in the country’s official language(s) on large, 7m x 21m sheets of paper.

visual tour prayer hill5. Prayer Hill
A short path leads to a quiet overlook, with views of serene pastures below and beautiful Mt. Fuji rising straight into the sky – a perfect spot for deep contemplation.


visual tour seven stations6. Seven Stations
Along a quiet path lie the Seven Stations, each with its own specific purpose, where visitors are encouraged to engage in deep self-reflection, to offer gratitude to nature, and to reaffirm their commitment to peace and awakening.