Impressions from Others

Ms. Deepti Diwakar (journalist, author, dancer and psychic, India)
I’m very touched by this place. I feel that you have brought about a paradise on earth. All religions have tried, including Christianity and Hinduism, to bring down the divine land – the pure land – here on earth. You have done it in this sanctuary. The beauty of the people, the lotus hearts of light – I read people’s auras and vibrations, and I get a very good vibration here. The people here are pure-hearted. They’re smiling and full of life.
I liked walking up the path through the Seven Stations. It’s a very sophisticated way to overcome the negative and be positive – to overcome self-doubt and think about higher values of love, peace, honor, harmony, and the beauty of earth. Everything is there. I don’t want to leave! If you help me to extend my ticket, I’ll stay here!

Mr. Marek Kaminski (Extreme explorer, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Author, Poland)
One place that impressed me was the large world map, with the shapes of all the continents. You can walk among them, and you get this feeling that the world is very big, but on the other hand, it’s very small. It gave me a feeling that we are all connected, and not far away from each other. From the perspective of the moon, everything on Earth is very close together.
I also like the Prayer Field, with all the flags from all over the world. It reminded me of the South Pole, which is also a kind of sanctuary, and there are flags of many different nations there. It was almost like the same kind of place, but without snow! Also, Prayer Hill, where we meditated with a view of Mount Fuji, was a very nice place.
Another thing that impressed me was the kindness and hospitality of the people I have met here. It has a wonderful atmosphere.

Mrs. Leigh Taylor-Young (Actress, USA)
It’s so beautiful – this is truly, spiritually, a peace sanctuary. It’s reflected in the nature – the mountain is like a mirror. You can’t walk here and not feel the energy – everything is a demonstration of it. So, I’m honored to be here, and be with you. And I so dearly love Masami Saionji and the work that she’s doing.

Mr. Ippolito Forni (Security analyst, Netherlands/Italy)
Fuji Sanctuary is a beautiful place. The energy here is fantastic, very healing. I really enjoyed the Seven Stations. It was a wonderful, healing experience for me. I am also very interested in the IN and learning about them. Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to be here.

Ms. Naomi Avivi-Weisblatt (Lecturer, Tel Aviv University, Israel)
And Fuji Sanctuary! As we Jewish people say, ‘it fits like a glove.’ It is such a marvelous, spiritual place, and I feel it is the most fitting place to pray for world peace.

Mr. Mark Zion (Associate Professor, Tama University, USA/Japan)
I think Fuji Sanctuary is a very special place. It’s a sacred space and a very holy place. This was actually my fifth time to come to Fuji Sanctuary, and my image always changes as I grow and as I understand and appreciate Fuji Sanctuary more. I appreciate what the Saionjis have done, and what other people have done to make it possible.

Ms. Yaffa Rothstein (Secondary School Teacher of Arabic, Israel)
Although this was my first visit to Japan, when I stepped onto the grounds of Fuji Sanctuary, I felt a strange sense of nostalgia, as though I had come back to one of my past lifetimes. I instinctively knew that this was a wonderful place where our minds will be cleansed, and where our minds are urged to develop, simply by being here.

Mr. Nithi Nesadurai (Promoting Peace thru the Environment, Malaysia)
I was very impressed with the Seven Stations as well. Each stage leads to the next. For example, first you cleanse yourself, then you think about gratitude to nature, and then about peace in the world, and so on. The message itself – the prayer for peace in the world – is very powerful. It’s a prayer for humanity. That’s really something special. You hear that in different parts of the world, in the Himalayas for example, there are saints and sages who go somewhere and sit, and send out prayers which are keeping the world in harmony. But here, this kind of action is being done by ordinary people – people like us! People like us are sitting together and praying for the wellness of the whole world. I can tell you, it has an effect. There is no doubt about that. People like you all, here, are contributing immensely to the harmony of the planet and its people.

Ms. Nimmi Prabhakar (Educator, Malaysia)
The way the people are praying for world peace – the nature of the prayer itself – is so very generous and altruistic. Generally speaking, I feel that the way people pray can be quite self-centered at times. Yet when I came here and saw that you were writing prayers for each country in different languages, I was deeply impressed, and I felt that I wanted to write a prayer for Myanmar. I keenly felt what a genuinely altruistic thing it is that you are doing here. It really takes one beyond oneself. That struck me as very different from anything I am used to. The sight of the mountain, too, was just wonderful.