Manifesting Our True Self

Here is the way I feel about human beings and our true way of living:

The true nature of a human being is not karmic or sinful. A human being is a life branching out from God. Each human being is always guided and protected by his or her guardian spirits and divinities. All the sufferings of this world occur when human beings’ mistaken thoughts, from past existences up to the present, emerge and take shape at the time of vanishing away. Any affliction is certain to fade away and vanish once it appears.

Therefore, if you are firmly convinced that your suffering is fading away, and think that from now on things will be getting better, and if, in the midst of any difficulty, you forgive yourself and forgive others, love yourself and love others, and continue to perform words and actions of love, sincerity and forgiveness, while always thanking your guardian spirits and divinities and praying for the peace of the world, you as an individual, as well as humanity, will be able to attain true spiritual freedom. This is what I believe and put into practice.

— Masahisa Goi

The spiritual philosophy of Byakko Shinko Kai begins with the above text by the late founder Masahisa Goi. It is a summary of his fundamental teaching, and the principle behind all of Byakko’s various practices and activities.

The principal cause of this world’s unhappiness occurred when we human beings forgot that we are all brothers and sisters whose lives flow from the one, great, all-inclusive life known as God. That was when we began to regard ourselves and others as separate entities, and embarked upon a lifestyle that disrupts the oneness of life and departs from the spirit of humanitarian love.

— from “Prayer for World Peace” in God and Man by Masahisa Goi

Over and over in his writings and talks, Masahisa Goi taught that the most important thing is knowing what a human being truly is. He always emphasized that we are not, as many people believe, merely physical beings who live a brief lifetime on this earth. When we understand our true nature as human beings, we have taken the first step toward activating, drawing forth, and fully manifesting the divine being that resides within us all.

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