Divinity IN

Universal prayers in motion

The Divinity INs are two powerful tools for affirming the divine nature of ourselves and all human beings, and our purpose on this earth. They help us to achieve greater peace, happiness, and harmony in our daily lives, and also contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity and the planet.

What is an IN?
IN (印, pronounced ‘een’) is a Japanese word similar in meaning to the Sanskrit word mudra. It is a precise combination of hand and arm movements, deep, peaceful breathing, and accompanying vocal sounds that attune us to the universal laws of harmony.

INs were practiced in many ancient cultures, and they can still be seen in the complex iconography and dances of India and other countries and cultures, as well as in temples and shrines across Asia. In Western countries, an IN might be considered a form of divine blessing.

The Divinity INs
The Divinity INs introduced by Byakko Shinko Kai are for personal and planetary peace. They are special, prayer-like forms that connect us with an infinite treasure trove of love, wisdom, ability, health, and abundance that resides within us and within every human being. We practice the INs to draw forth this marvelous power and manifest it in our everyday life.

There are two main Divinity INs which anyone can learn and practice:

     The Divinity IN for the Self (also known as the IN of Ware Soku Kami Nari)
     The Divinity IN for Humanity (also known as the IN of Jinrui Soku Kami Nari)

Please use the links above to learn more about each IN and to obtain instructions on how to perform it.

Performing the INs together
Many people enjoy performing the Divinity INs together with others. When we practice the INs in a group, we create an even stronger field of harmony and light that has immense power to uplift the planet and guide humanity toward a shift in consciousness.
IN nature PolandThe essence of the Divinity INs lies in recognizing and giving expression to our original divine self, and acknowledging this divinity within all humanity. The INs are universal practices available to anyone, regardless of faith, nationality, or background. They can also be adapted for people with physical limitations, or simply visualized for equal effect.

Over the years, a large number of people in all parts of the world have learned this transformative spiritual practice and incorporated it into their lives, joining others on the path to world peace through the awakening of humanity to its divine nature.

For more about the Divinity INs:
Download: Questions and Answers about the IN (PDF)

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