Satellite groups

Byakko satellite groups
Byakko’s work for world peace and the spiritual practices that it offers have attracted more and more people worldwide, and as a result Byakko satellite groups have formed in several locations around the world. These organized groups, which are free to join, are often led by a Nana Maru graduate and provide an environment for anyone interested in further pursuing Byakko’s teachings and easily accessible practices.

Satellite groups provide a wonderful forum for people to gather, especially during the ceremonies at Fuji Sanctuary, when groups hold local prayer gatherings to connect with the energy at Fuji. Through Byakko satellite groups, interested people can participate at all levels – from beginners who are just learning the various concepts and techniques to more advanced workshops and retreats where members have an opportunity to ‘go deeper’. Satellite members are also welcome to participate in all of the events and activities at Fuji Sanctuary, with the exception of entering the Pyramid. Membership in a Byakko satellite group is free, although donations are always appreciated. For more on the Byakko satellite groups, please contact us.

You may also wish to volunteer to assist us in promoting our activities to help create a brighter future for humanity. Please contact a Byakko staff person in your area, or contact us for more information.