Fuji Sanctuary Ceremonies

Imagine a place on this earth that is dedicated to prayer for the peace and well-being of humanity and the earth, for our own awakening to our inner divine self and our deep connection with the earth, and for the elevation of humanity’s consciousness to a higher, more spiritual plane. The Prayer Field at Fuji Sanctuary is such a place. The feeling of sitting on the grass in the open air, gazing at Mount Fuji, surrounded by the flags of the world waving in the breeze, gives one a sense of deep serenity, as the pure, subtle energy refreshes, heals, and nurtures one’s spirit and soul.

Throughout the year, Fuji Sanctuary welcomes thousands of peace-loving people who come solely to pray for peace on earth and the happiness and awakening of humanity. Even in the rain, wind, and snow, they sit in the outdoor Prayer Field and earnestly offer their prayers. Over many years, their prayers have created a magnificent energy field of light that expands outward from Fuji Sanctuary and envelops the planet.

Ceremonies are held every month except August, and are open to the public (with the exception of ceremonies held in January, July, and September). The Ceremony to Anchor a Ray of Universal Light is held six times a year, with special annual ceremonies and events as follows:

January – New Year Celebration Ceremony
May – Symphony of Peace Prayers
July – The Grand July Ceremony
September – The Rebirth of Human Divinity Festival
November – Festival of Gratitude to Masahisa Goi

For a detailed schedule, please see the Events

Byakko Chairperson Masami Saionji attends each ceremony to address participants and guide them in prayers. Prayers for peace are often directed toward specific parts of the world where there is continued conflict or an outbreak of violence. Year after year, participants have said that when they focus on sending loving energy to these places and throughout the world, they leave the Prayer Field feeling uplifted, with renewed hope and vitality.

We invite everyone to take part in a ceremony or festival and to connect with the beautiful energy at Fuji Sanctuary, nourish your own mind and spirit, and send waves of peace, love, and gratitude to the earth, all humanity, and everything in creation.