Ceremony for Opening the Door to Human Divinity—The Dawning of a New Era

In the months of June and October, when no special ceremony is taking place, more than 2,000 people make the journey to Fuji Sanctuary to pray for peace. These ceremonies are open to anyone who wishes to join in praying for peace.

On June 4, 2023, a new event called “Ceremony for opening the door to human divinity—the dawning of a new era “ was held. According to Mrs. Masami Saionji, by the year 2025, it is expected that humanity will recognize its sacredness, and thus, it is crucial for participants to approach the event with the consciousness of Divinity First.

A Divinity First consciousness is the awareness that “first comes one’s own divinity,” which means to believe in one’s own divinity, transcending conventional wisdom and past selves, and connecting with the energy of the sacred. By participating in the event with this awareness, we will facilitate the ascension of global dimensions and pave the way for the rebirth of human divinity.

The program is as follows (subject to change):

  1.  Prayer for world peace
  2. Declare the seven kotodama words
  3. Pray for all of Japan and each continent of the world, and form the Divine Spark IN
  4. Imprint the consciousness of “Divinity First” within you

For details on the current program, please refer to the program PDF. Currently, the event is held twice a year, in June and October, attracting over 2,000 people to Fuji Sanctuary to pray for peace.

The event is open to anyone (16 years of age or older) who wants to pray for peace and cultivate a Divinity First consciousness. This event can also be attended at home. For event dates, please refer to the “Events” section.

The event begins at 11:00 a.m. Japan time and lasts approximately 2 hours (no online participation available).

Whether at Fuji Sanctuary, at home, or wherever you participate, let us continue to maintain the Divinity First Consciousness felt at the event as we live our daily lives.