Guide to the Seven Stations

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The Earth is alive! Her Kingdoms are alive!
We are a part of this great living Soul,
and therefore our words, thoughts and actions have a profound effect on the Earth and all who live upon it.

                                      — Masahisa Goi


The Seven Stations are a place where we can reconnect with the ancient wisdom that understood the sacredness of the earth and the essential divinity of human beings. Each station offers an opportunity to engage with one of the essential teachings of Byakko Shinko Kai.

Please note: Although the Seven Stations are established in a special energy field at Fuji Sanctuary, and cannot be reproduced exactly, the basic concept can be used as inspiration for adapting the experience outside Fuji Sanctuary. The concept of the Seven Stations has been used on several occasions at retreats, workshops, and other gatherings where meditation, inner reflection, and healing were central themes. These experiments have thus far been very successful in helping to dissolve the negative thoughts and obstacles that people were facing, and to provide a safe, innovative, inspiring space for positive, healing energy to flow. While the experience is unique for each person, the concept of the Seven Stations can bring about an immensely uplifting and joyful feeling when people combine inner work with service to humanity and the planet.

While there is a natural progression from the first station to the seventh, you may start at any point on the path and visit the stations in any order. The energy that is flowing at each station is different and specific to that station, so when visiting a station, please perform only the activity of that station.

Below is a brief description of the activity for each station. The universal prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth is offered in gratitude at the completion of each activity, as well as a prayer of gratitude to the guardian divinities and spirits that guide and protect us throughout our lives.

1. Place for letting all thoughts fade away
station_1At this station, you are invited to write down any thoughts that come to mind, whether good or bad. They can be emotions, ideas, preoccupations, or anything that enters your mind at the present moment. Take your time and write as much as you wish, until you feel that you have emptied yourself of thoughts. When you are ready, carefully place your paper into the burner provided. The intended effect of this station is to refresh and uplift the mind, resolving your worries and allowing you to gain new insights and perspectives.

2. Place for extinguishing self-doubting thoughts
station_2This station is for writing down thoughts that are self-denying, that hurt you, or that bring you down and negate your true, divine self. Examples of such thoughts are ‘I am good for nothing,’ ‘Why I am so jealous?’ and ‘I cannot do anything.’ As with the first station, write as much as you want. Then, carefully place the paper in the burner. This station is meant to draw out your natural feelings of self-love and self-respect.

3. Place for great accomplishments
station_3The purpose of this station is to help us to manifest our wishes. After writing your wishes on the paper provided, we suggest you offer a prayer for its fulfillment, and also pray for world peace. It is also recommended to practice the peaceful breathing technique: Inhale thinking I am a divine being, pause and hold your breath while thinking It’s accomplished, then exhale thinking All humanity is divine. Write your name on the paper, put it in an envelope, and place it in the box provided. At a later date, a Byakko staff member will offer a prayer and burn the contents of the box.

4. Place for light-filled thinking
station_4Here, you are invited to give voice to light-oriented thoughts that uplift, renew, and revive yourself and the world around you. You are free to use your own words, or to recite the list of 49 light-oriented thoughts written at the station. You may also wish to repeat the same words several times. If there are others present who are doing this activity in Japanese, please be aware that their timing will be different. If there are many people at the station, it is best to recite the words silently. To increase the power of this activity, you may wish to learn the special IN (mudra) that accompanies this recitation.

5. Place for thanking the earth and the environment
Station 5This station is for offering silent (or quiet) prayers of gratitude to the earth and the natural environment. A series of 12 prayers has been developed by Byakko Shinko Kai, and you may recite these or add/substitute your own words and phrases. You may also wish to perform the accompanying IN, which is easy to learn, before offering your prayers. Please respect others’ space during this activity.

6. Place for affirming our own divinity (Ware Soku Kami Nari)
station_6Near the top of the Seven Stations path is a place for affirming your own divinity with the divine affirmation of Ware Soku Kami Nari (I am a divine being). The affirmation is written at the station in English and Japanese. After reciting the declaration quietly, it is recommended to perform the IN of Ware Soku Kami Nari.


7. Place for affirming the divinity of humanity (Jinrui Soku Kami Nari)
DSC_4049At the very top of the path is the large Pyramid, made of thick canvas and bearing the fundamental teachings of Byakko. Here, you are invited to affirm the divinity of all humanity and send out the energy of love, forgiveness, and peace. After reciting the following affirmation quietly, it is recommended to perform the IN of Jinrui Soku Kami Nari (Humanity is divine) around the outside of the Pyramid.

The Seven Stations path is short, but to make full use of it can take quite some time. The more we engage in these practices and activities, the easier it becomes to navigate these stations. At times, we may wish to stop at only one or two of the stations, depending on what we feel is most needed. But in all cases, the most important thing is to offer prayers of gratitude and radiate words of light, both within ourselves and to the world around us.

To see the full program guidelines PDF of the 7 Stations, please click here.

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