Festival of Gratitude to Masahisa Goi

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This annual festival, held in November, celebrates the birthday of the late Masahisa Goi, founder of Byakko Shinko Kai and the world peace prayer movement. It is a joyful day at Fuji Sanctuary, and all are invited to be part of the celebration.

Goi Sensei, as he was known, is remembered in stories, songs, poems, and photographs. In the Prayer Field, a flag ceremony is held to pray for peace in each country and region. In recent years, the ceremony has been performed by groups of children, who carry the flags on stage while offering prayers for peace.

Adding to the festive atmosphere is the ‘farmers market,’ in which local farmers, craftspeople, and other neighbors of Fuji Sanctuary set up booths to sell produce, homemade food, crafts, and other goods.

The day is also dedicated to longtime members of Byakko Shinko Kai, many of whom met and worked with Masahisa Goi. They are personally honored by Chairperson Masami Saionji, and participants collectively express their gratitude to these individuals, who have supported the work of Byakko for several decades.

The Festival of Gratitude is a wonderful time to visit Fuji Sanctuary and to introduce friends and family who may not have been here before. Everyone is wholeheartedly welcome to be part of the celebration, offering prayers for peace, enjoying delicious homemade food, and joining in songs and the peace dance. It is a day that fills the heart with happiness.