Symphony of Peace Prayers

First launched at Fuji Sanctuary in 2005, the Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) is a worldwide annual event in which people from all faiths and backgrounds gather together to celebrate humanity’s religious and spiritual diversity, and to join hands and hearts in prayers for peace and harmony throughout the world.

The SOPP is celebrated each year in May, with a large-scale ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary and dozens of events, both large and small, taking place in locations throughout the world. Every year, messages and reports of SOPP ceremonies, gatherings, and connected prayers reach us from all corners of the globe. Many of the events include prayers from various religious and spiritual traditions, often guided by local religious and spiritual leaders. Their beautiful prayers resound in harmony as they focus on the one thing that unites all faiths — love. Though each event is unique, all of them express the joy they feel in gathering in their own wonderful, creative ways to express their wish for peace and harmony among all people on earth.

We encourage everyone to participate in an event taking place near them, to organize their own ceremony or peace gathering, or simply to join in prayers on their own. For more information and resources, please visit the SOPP website:

Below, we are pleased to offer some comments from organizers of recent SOPP events:

It was great to have some young people present who really got involved, contributing their messages for peace and also adding to our Community Mandala. It is always a great privilege to convene the SOPP in our local community. Each year the ceremony changes in some way and achieves a momentum of its own. Each year our great task is accomplished perfectly, and our vibrations continue resonating in infinite harmony to all humankind. (Tasmania, Australia)

Finally, we went outside to the grounds of the palace, where we danced, sang, and sent light to the world, enjoying the beautiful spring afternoon by the sea. It was a beautiful symphony of peace, light, and life that became one with the universal symphony. Each year, I feel that our union is more real than the last. The names and our ways of engaging may be different, but the essence is the same, and so is the shared feeling of heart. (San Sebastian, Spain)

Our children presented a beautiful mandala and read peace messages and their vision to live in peace. A silent meditation took place. We felt a sense of oneness with all people on that day as we focused on our future life in peace. We are so grateful to be part of this great peace family. (Zlatá Idka, Slovakia)