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Video Prayer Gathering

On October 23, 2021 (Saturday) at 11 am (time in Japan), our next LIVE Video Prayer Gathering br... Read more

Lifetime Achievement Award

   On November 6-9, 2020, City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, the capital of Prad... Read more

World Unity Wave

On August 5th, 2020 the world’s largest Montessori school, the City Montessori school located in... Read more
  • Prayer for World Peace
  • Gratitude to Nature
  • Peaceful Breathing

Prayer for World Peace

'May Peace Prevail on Earth' is a universal prayer for the peace and happiness of all humanity and all life on earth, as well as a path to inner peace and serenity.

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Gratitude to Nature

Expressing gratitude to the earth and the environment sends out a harmonizing energy that touches everything around us, and brightens our own hearts as well.

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Peaceful Breathing

To refresh and replenish our spirit and soul, Peaceful Conscious Breathing is an invitation to pause and connect with the deepest levels of our inner being as well as our emotions, which are intricately linked to our breath.

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