Prayer for World Peace

A simple and powerful way to build peace in ourselves and peace on earth

This prayer, which Masahisa Goi introduced in the 1950s and advocated throughout his life, is the foundation of Byakko’s existence, and the backbone of all of its activities. It is a universal, all-encompassing prayer that holds an immense light and power to uplift the individual, all humanity, and all living things. Thus, it is a path to inner peace and serenity, and also a way to create peace and harmony on earth.

In his many writings and talks, Masahisa Goi always emphasized the importance of prayer for world peace as a starting point for removing the miscellaneous, often negative, thoughts from our head, and for calming our heart and lifting our spirits. Whatever situations, events, and circumstances we may come across in life, if we make a habit of responding with a prayer for world peace, we will undoubtedly find our lives turning in a brighter direction.

At the same time, the light-filled vibration of our prayer reaches across the globe and out into the universe, touching all humanity and all living things with its transformative power. Masami Saionji has explained:

When we think and pray ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth,’ all people are embraced by those deep and vast words of love, even though we may not be praying for them directly. All the people who are unloved, all the people who are unforgiven, all the innocent children, all the tiny organisms whom no one sees or prays for, are included.

The prayer for world peace is a prayer that anyone can pray, regardless of religion, culture, or background. It can be prayed on its own or added to the prayers of one’s own faith or spiritual practice, in its entirety or simply with the words May peace prevail on Earth.

Please feel free to watch a video with prayers for the peace of each country in each national language. Click here

For further reading:
“The Principle behind the World Peace Prayer Movement” in God Is Not Silent by Masahisa Goi