Visitors’ Impressions

From the time Byakko Shinko Kai moved its headquarters from just outside Tokyo to the open-air sanctuary at the foot of Mount Fuji, its doors have been open to visitors from all corners of the globe.

Peace-loving people from around the world have come to Fuji Sanctuary to participate in peace prayer ceremonies, to practice in the main prayer hall, or simply to stroll the grounds of the sanctuary and enjoy its peaceful, restorative energy. Others have been invited as special guests to participate in the Symphony of Peace Prayers.

DSC03156Before leaving Fuji Sanctuary, many visitors and guests have taken a moment to jot down their impressions in our guest book. Some wrote about a particular spot in the sanctuary that was meaningful to them, some shared their overall feeling from being here, and others wrote about their inspiring encounter with the work of Byakko. Here, we are pleased to share some heartfelt comments left by recent visitors to Fuji Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is open all year round, and it is a marvelous place to come and celebrate peace on earth, or simply to be at peace with yourself. We look forward to your visit!

Impressions from religious and spiritual leaders
Impressions from social innovators
Impressions from others