Milestones in the history and development of Byakko Shinko Kai

The following is an outline of Byakko’s establishment and growth from the mid-20th century to today, under the leadership of the late founder, Masahisa Goi, and Chairperson Masami Saionji. This remarkable history would never have been possible without the dedication and ongoing support of Byakko’s members and friends, both in Japan and overseas.

1949    Masahisa Goi experiences oneness with his Higher Self. From then on, his life is dedicated to helping humanity awaken to its divine nature, as a means of attaining personal happiness and realizing peace on earth at the same time.

1951    A group of people interested in Masahisa Goi’s teachings form a loosely-knit association and establish a gathering place in Ichikawa city, a suburb of Tokyo.

1955    The association becomes an officially recognized organization called Byakko Shinko Kai. Masahisa Goi initiates the world peace prayer movement through the universal message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth.

1965    Mr. Goi receives a Brazilian ‘Commendatory’ award in praise of his humanitarian efforts for peace. While keeping her ties with her own family, Masami Saionji is formally ‘adopted’ by Masahisa Goi and begins ten years of spiritual training with him.

1968    Masahisa Goi begins researching a specific area near Mount Fuji for the development of a new center for the peace prayer movement and the work of Byakko Shinko Kai. The land, located in the Asagiri Highlands at the foot of Mount Fuji, is acquired shortly thereafter, and later becomes known as Fuji Sanctuary.
1971    The first Mitama Matsuri (a ceremony for the purification of departed souls) is held at the center in Ichikawa. It becomes one of the cornerstones of Byakko’s large-scale work to uplift humanity. Today the ceremony is called the Ceremony for the Dawning of Earth.

1975    The first Pyramid is installed at Fuji Sanctuary. The large Pyramid bears on its canvas cover the fundamental philosophy of Byakko Shinko Kai. It also serves as a powerful receptive ‘antenna,’ where universal energy is stored and radiated out to humanity.

1976    The activity of planting Peace Poles (four or six-sided monuments that display the universal prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth in various languages) in public and private locations around the world is initiated. It is estimated that more than 200,000 Peace Poles have been dedicated worldwide. This activity continues throughout the world today at the grassroots level.

1980    Masahisa Goi departs from the physical world at the age of 63. Masami Saionji succeeds him as Chairperson of Byakko Shinko Kai.
Fuji Sanctuary is officially opened.

1983    The first outdoor World Peace Prayer Ceremony (WPPC), in which prayers are offered for peace in each nation on earth, is held at Fuji Sanctuary with a small number of people. Today the World Peace Prayer Ceremony has become a widespread and powerful way to celebrate humanity’s oneness and share our common wish for peace, with ceremonies large and small being held throughout the world.

1988    The World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) is established in New York and obtains NGO status with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations. Through various projects and partnerships, it promotes the universal message of peace, May Peace Prevail on Earth. The WPPS becomes the center of the world peace prayer movement, and Byakko Shinko Kai devotes itself to introducing spiritual practices and teachings.

1992    The practices of Affirmations of Bright Thinking and Expressions of Gratitude to Nature are introduced by Masami Saionji.

1994    The Divinity IN for the Self (also known as the IN of Ware Soku Kami Nari) is introduced on the earthly plane through Masami Saionji. 11,000 members of Byakko Shinko Kai are taught the IN in the Prayer Field at Fuji Sanctuary.

1996    The Divinity IN for Humanity (also known as the IN of Jinrui Soku Kami Nari) is introduced at Fuji Sanctuary with a majority of Byakko members in attendance.

1998     The headquarters of Byakko Shinko Kai moves to Fuji Sanctuary, which becomes the site of major annual ceremonies held in January, May, July, September, and November.

1999    The practice of creating handwritten mandalas is introduced. Since then, the practice has spread throughout the world at the grassroots level. It has been introduced in group workshops, classrooms, and art exhibits, among other places.

2005    The Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) ceremony for world peace and interfaith unity is inaugurated at Fuji Sanctuary, to become an annual event.

2007    The third annual Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremony is held at Fuji Sanctuary, in which over 12,000 participants welcome a large group of religious and spiritual leaders as well as scientists and youth, to pray together for the peace of the world. Today, the SOPP continues to expand across the globe, and is quickly becoming an interfaith, intercultural peace prayer event for the 21st century.

2008    Masami Saionji receives the Philosopher Saint Shree Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize from the World Peace Center in Pune, India. In 2010, she receives the first annual WON award honoring distinguished women leaders, at the Won Buddhism Women Leaders Summit in New York.

2013    A Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremony takes place at the United Nations General Assembly Hall in New York, as part of the special event United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony, hosted by the President of the UN General Assembly and attended by the UN Deputy Secretary-General and an international group of ambassadors, representatives from different UN branches, and spiritual and cultural leaders, as well as participants from around the world.
2014    Masami Saionji participates as a guest of honor at the Dharmasuya Mahayaga in Palakkad, Kerala, India. She continues her work with like-minded peace and spiritual leaders around the world who have placed the evolution of human consciousness and global divine governance at the heart of their work.

All of the practices mentioned above are freely available to anyone who wishes to be part of the world peace prayer movement and to become an active co-creator of the new paradigms for the planet. We invite you to continue browsing the website and to contact us for more information.