49 Days in the Flow of Life

The “49 Days in the flow” is a workbook dedicated to self-exploration and creation, guided through short daily creative practices, that help us to positively contribute to ourselves and humanity. 

The purpose of the workbook is to show life from a particular perspective, an angle that can give us inspiration for a new creative way of living, expand and consciously evolve towards harmony within ourselves, with others as well as with Nature, planet Earth and the Universe. 

These creative practices include:
Short readings, meditations, creative inspirations, creation of written mandalas, focused and positive thinking, expressions of gratitude, etc.

The practices are focused on 7 categories, one for each week:
Week 1 – We are the Universe
Week 2 – The free-flowing mind and Fading Away process
Week 3 – The free-flowing mind and the Creation of the self
Week 4 – The free-flowing mind and the Creation of the world
Week 5 – Flowing with gratitude
Week 6 – The flow of Life within – the Divine Spark
Week 7 – The flow of Life without – Humanity as One

The workbook can be followed from day 1 to day 49, or you can just simply choose a week and do just that. You can also leave it to the flow itself, close your eyes and pick a day, if that would be your preference. Infinite freedom

These practices can be done by an individual, but they are also great to do with a group. The sharing at the end of each week with others is really inspiring. Definitely worth doing.

Created by Volunteers

The workbook has been created by a group of volunteers from various backgrounds and various countries who, in one way or another, have been inspired by the philosophy of Masahisa Goi and the message May peace prevail on earth.

Through these inspirations, freedom, and creativity, many beautiful discoveries and creations have been born. The workbook has been created out of a desire to share them with others and hopefully inspire people to become aware of our own daily flow of life and our contributions (thoughts, words, actions) which have a direct impact on everything.

Available Languages

At the moment, the workbook is available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese). 



Connect with Others

Feel free to connect with like-minded people and share your own creative contributions through our Facebook Group dedicated to the 49 Days in the Flow.