An Ocean of Light for the Earth

stone map placing   A new project around the World Map at Fuji sanctuary was started this Spring in view of the Symphony of peace prayers held in May.
   The project to fill the oceans and seas around the Earth’ world map with an ocean of white stones, each one written with words of light, gratitude, love, peace, healing, harmony, was launched.
   The stones inscribed with positive words, positive energy, are being placed around the map of the world, which features also the Peace Poles planted in each country, and is overlooked by the ‘wise Globe of the Earth’, silently watching.
   Every day, at any time, members and friends visiting the sanctuary can pick up some stones and quietly, in meditation, write a message of peace, of light, of love, of infinite beauty and in gratitude to the Earth and its life.
Byakko in his teachings often works with the written words, filled with light and positive energy, with a vibration of love that is placed into the Earth, a healing, a connection, a regeneration.
   If you happen to be in Japan, get in touch for a visit at the sanctuary, you might like to enjoy the quiet and high energy of the place, and add to this Ocean of Light and deep healing for the Earth.
   Infinite peace, infinite joy, infinite beauty.
   For more on the World Map project at the Fuji sanctuary: