The Day of Gratitude

november ceremony post image 1    Fuji sanctuary November 6th, the Day of Gratitude to the late founder Masahisa Goi took place under the rain, ‘blessings of purification’ remarked Mrs Saionji, who delivered a wonderful speech filled with hope, light and peaceful energy.
     The day shone with INFINITE BRIGHTNESS !
     The many participants could enjoy the ceremonies in the morning, the reading of poetry from the late founder, evocation of his time, how it was to be around him in his all embracing LOVE.
     Mrs Saionji honored the members with gratitude to the people who have supported the work of Byakko for decades, both physically and spiritually.
     The children were at the center of the prayer for world peace, carrying the flags of the nations, assisted by parents and volunteers, it was beautiful and filled with immense joy.
     Everyone joined in singing the Divine Spark song, before enjoying dances and shopping in the wonderful ‘food and crafts market’ set up for the day.
     Let the prayer for world peace, for harmony, for love and tolerance that Masahisa Goi brought to us over 60 years ago, resonate world wide, may it continue even more so today, to be sung, danced and celebrated ! Infinite Peace !
Jinrui Soku Kami Nari, May Peace Prevail on Earth !

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