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Video Prayer Gathering

Our next LIVE Video Prayer Gathering broadcast will be available to watch on December 24, 2022 (... Read more

International Peace Award

Several days ago, Ms. Masami Saionji received International Peace Award from President Dr. Arif ... Read more

Video Prayer Gathering

Our next LIVE Video Prayer Gathering broadcast will be available to watch on November 27, 2021 (... Read more

Lifetime Achievement Award

   On November 6-9, 2020, City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow, the capital of Prad... Read more

World Unity Wave

On August 5th, 2020 the world’s largest Montessori school, the City Montessori school located in... Read more

World Unity Week 2020

  Organized by a group called "Unity Earth”, a festival of peace called "World UNITY Wee... Read more

Luxembourg Peace Award

On Friday, 14 June 2019, peace activists from around the world gathered at the historic European P... Read more

Hand in Hand, Korea

  From April 26-28, Byakko Chairperson Masami Saionji and Vice Chairperson Rika Saionji ... Read more


On October 23rd, the Fuji Sanctuary welcomed Mr. Takashi Otsuka, an advocate of Synecoculture farm... Read more

The Divine Spark IN Website

A new website, dedicated exclusively to The Divine Spark IN, has been recently created. The D... Read more

Peaceful Conscious Breathing Video

A new video with an easy guidance to Peaceful Conscious Breathing is now available on our YouTub... Read more

The Divine Spark IN

On July 2nd 2017, at the July Grand Ceremony at the Fuji Sanctuary in Japan, a new IN for Awakenin... Read more

Masami Saionji receives Barbara Fields Award

Byakko Chairperson Masami Saionji was the recipient of the sixth annual Dr. Barbara Fields Humanitar... Read more

100th Birthday celebration!

A Special Day of Gratitude to Masahisa Goi Should he still be with us today, Masahisa Goi, late fou... Read more

The July Grand Ceremony 2016

The ceremony was split in two parts, with first the recitation of all the prayer texts and the vario... Read more

Masami Saionji UN Speech February 2016

February 3rd, as a part of the World Interfaith Harmony Week hosted by the United Nations, Mrs Masa... Read more

Calendar of Events 2016

The Fuji sanctuary 2016 calendar of events, its ceremonies both monthly and special events, is avail... Read more

An Ocean of Light for the Earth

   A new project around the World Map at Fuji sanctuary was started this Spring in view of the Symph... Read more

The Day of Gratitude

    Fuji sanctuary November 6th, the Day of Gratitude to the late founder Masahisa Goi took place un... Read more

Why do I care?

Mrs Saionji's insights on climate change, and the role humanity must play in securing a sustainabl... Read more