100th Birthday celebration!

A Special Day of Gratitude to Masahisa Goi

Goi Sensei 100 years 2Should he still be with us today, Masahisa Goi, late founder of Byakko Shinko Kai and the movement of world peace thru the universal prayer message, May Peace Prevail on Earth that he advocated, would be enjoying his 100th Birthday !

On November 6th, the Festival of Gratitude to Goi Sensei will bring together thousands of people from both Japan and abroad to celebrate this extraordinary man of peace, his message, his teaching, which like a guiding light, continue to illuminate and inspire our lives.

Inner peace, thru an awakening to the spark of light that inhabits each and everyone, so that true peace and harmony develop and take root naturally on our planet earth, was the essential of his philosophy.
To this effect, he proposed various means of evolving one’s own spirituality, within the daily life.
In post war era, the use of the universal prayer of peace, May Peace Prevail on Earth that can give hope and courage as well elevate both oneself and humanity, was one of the easiest, basic way that he recommended, taught and practiced.

The vision of Goi Sensei to see this prayer of peace, that transcends all isms, be used widely on the planet as a universal call for peace has been realized.
With a series of pictures, poetry, calligraphy, books and articles, with messages from people whose life he impacted, like a long story telling from yesterday to today and tomorrow, the life of this beloved spiritual teacher, visionary, a man of peace and of immense love for humanity, will be told and celebrated.

We celebrate Goi Sensei spiritual heritage, what it has brought to us both individually and globally. But the teaching of Goi Sensei is more than ever vibrant today, as humanity is on the brink of a most powerful evolutionary transformation.

Today there is an awakening to the fact that the spiritual life that we have neglected all along to the profit of the material world and its development, is essential, indeed vital.Thru an abundance of ways and practices, a return, a rebirth, to the source of our lives is called forth.
Over 60 years ago, Masahisa Goi was speaking that truth, today this spiritual search is becoming ever more present in our society at all levels.

Recent discoveries prove that our brain cells are capable of building new networks at any age, and that the speed of building the new networks is increased by euphoria generated by the prayers for the happiness of others.” Prayer Seen from Brain Science – Dr.Nakano

At long last, the world is beginning to notice that the things that are controlling this world are not political policies or systems but the invisible consciousness and prayerful heart of each individual as well as the power of our words.’ Maki Saionji at Fuji, October monthly peace prayer gathering.

Happy Birthday, Infinite gratitude and love Goi Sensei!

To get a feeling of Masahisa Goi’s life, his work, and above all how he passed on the basics of his teaching in daily life, we have selected stories as told by the people who knew him best and had a chance to live in his time, as well as some of his ever inspiring poetry.

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