On October 23rd, the Fuji Sanctuary welcomed Mr. Takashi Otsuka, an advocate of Synecoculture farming. He was invited to give a lecture on the subject. 

Byakko Shinko Kai encourages a way of life that is not separated from spiritual practices on the one hand and the life and ways of living on the planet on the other.

Byakko presents a teaching that is totally interconnected. What concerns the life of the earth concerns the life of each and everyone, the awakening to the sacred consciousness of the individual, its divine spark, as well as a rooted way of life based on gratitude for all life on earth, paramount to a new harmonious peaceful way of living, all at the base of Byakko’s teachings.

Thus, we have welcomed with pleasure and deep interest Mr. Takashi Otsuka, a specialist in Synecoculture theory, which is based on principles of harmony and love, aiming for restoration of the global environment, healthy humanity and a world where children never meet with hunger.

Synecoculture farming is a system in which a grand variety of plants can grow densely without intense farming of the land and without any use of fertilizers or pesticides. This system draws out the original power of nature in which animals, insects, plants, weeds, trees or fruit trees, grow and live in harmonious coexistence.

Mr. Masatoshi Funabashi, a student of Mr. Takashi and researcher at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., led a project based on Synecoculture in Burkina Faso in West Africa. In one year, Mr. Funabashi developed a crop field in a desert that yielded twenty times more produce than an average farmer.

The results of this successful project have been published in the September issue of the Japanese Chichi magazine. This theory was also published in the world’s most prestigious science magazine “Nature”.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Takashi Otsuka will visit the Fuji Sanctuary again in November, for a follow up and more on Synecoculture.