World Unity Week 2020


Organized by a group called “Unity Earth”, a festival of peace called “World UNITY Week” took place on the Internet from June 20th to 27th.

As part of the various programs that unfolded all along the week, a video introducing the Fuji Sanctuary and a special prayer in motion, called the Divine Spark IN was presented on the 24th.

World UNITY Week was an 8-day celebration of our global unity, beginning with the mid-year solstice and winding towards the celebrations of the UN 75th anniversary.

Key events included the UN International Day of Yoga, the launch of Purpose Earth and 5 days of “open space” offerings. Key conversations during World UNITY Week spotlighted topics such as: collective climate action, partnerships for peace, global governance, interfaith harmony, sustainable and regenerative development and other key elements of a new kind of future that we want to create.

Various videos and online live events and talks were aired on the UNIFY Network (Facebook) with over 1.2 million members and about 250 Facebook through the SINE Network.

Masami Saionji, head of the spiritual organization the Byakko Shinko Kai, was given the opportunity to share a message from the Fuji Sanctuary, headquarters of Byakko. Standing in front of the large world map, she spoke of the most important thing humanity must awake to and act upon, the reawakening of the Divine Spark, our Sacred inner life inherent in each and every human being, and the most urgent need of the hour. 

The Divine Spark IN, a specific spiritual practice aiming at this heightened awareness, was presented by Yuka, Maki, and Rika Saionji. They too were given the opportunity to introduce the Fuji Sanctuary, including its Peace Path lined up with Peace Poles bearing the message of peace, May Peace Prevail on Earth in every country’s language.

Mrs. Masami Saionji message:

“Every human being on this earth, no matter what race religion color of skin or nationality, possess divine spark. All are sublime and all have the right to live equally, all are shining divine sparks. Divine spark is inherent to us, from the moment we are born, it is embedded in our spirit which is infinite love, life, creation, infinite intuition, healing and hope…and infinite light itself. By bringing out the divine spark, that is embedded in all of us, we are able to create a peaceful harmonious world together. It is not too late. We must first have confidence in ourselves, have no doubt and respect ourselves, and seriously think of our life and be responsible for it. The most important is not to degrade yourself, to suppress your divine spark, and your own possibility. I have been thinking about how to reach our divine spark and today I teach the Divine Spark IN. This is embodying the ultimate truth, using our own body movements and a deep breathing technique. It is time for us to shine our divine sparks.”

May peace prevail on earth

Click here if you wish to watch the event recording online