Luxembourg Peace Award

On Friday, 14 June 2019, peace activists from around the world gathered at the historic European Parliament Building in Luxembourg to celebrate the 2019 Luxembourg Peace Prize Laureates.

The Luxembourg Peace Award ceremony was held with nearly 150 people, including the Ministers of Labor in Luxembourg, Ambassadors of Ethiopia and Eritrea, Embassy of the United States of America, Rotary Club Representatives and other politicians interested in peace, researchers, scientists and doctors, film directors, actors, artists, etc.

The event was opened with a mandala flag ceremony which brought peaceful warmth and unity. After that the peace award ceremony has started.

The peace awards were given in 10 categories:
Peace journalism, peace support, art for peace, peace organizations, peace education, peace activist, peace technology, environmental peace, peace process, inner peace.

After the award presentation, a speech was given by each of the laureates.

Masami Saionji was given a peace prize in the Outstanding peace activist category for her dedication and work for peace. In her speech she expressed her gratitude to all the people who supported her work over many years, and said that without them, she would never receive any peace award. She also stated that real peace will never manifest unless each and every individual change their own consciousness.

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