The Divine Spark IN

On July 2nd 2017, at the July Grand Ceremony at the Fuji Sanctuary in Japan, a new IN for Awakening the Divine Spark, called the Divine Spark IN, has been learned by all participants.

The Divine Spark IN urges us to awaken to the truth that we human beings are, by nature, sacred existences, filled with infinite love, infinite wisdom, and infinite ability. It guides all humanity toward a rebirth of our sacred consciousness—our divine spark. 

This IN is formed with deep, peaceful breathing combined with an awareness of our sacred, divine nature. Through each movement, we give expression to our sacred consciousness and become one with it. We affirm all human beings to be sacred divine lives, and we send this truth and this energy out to all humanity.

By forming this IN and recalling our own divine nature, we undergo a transformation within ourselves. We become filled with divinity, we exhibit infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite ability, infinite intuition, infinite health, and a natural healing ability, and we are able to resolve any difficulty, setback, or trouble. As we continue forming this IN and passing it on to others, more and more people begin practicing it, more and more people recall their divine nature, and the momentum grows until the rebirth of humanity’s sacred consciousness is achieved.

By nature, we human beings are constantly linked with the universal divine. But along the way, we lost sight of this connection, and we became dependent on other people and on material things. We stopped believing in our infinite power and the divine spark that reside within us. The way of thinking and the selfish greed that emerged from our materialism have led to environmental pollution and destruction, unnatural disasters, and conditions of war, conflict, illness, and cruelty.


Divinity is not something that exists outside of us, but something we feel within us. The deeper within ourselves we go, the closer we come to the place where our divinity resides, in the depths of our heart. With regular practice of this IN, any of us can restore the sacred consciousness that was thought to be the domain only of saints and sages. Before long, this sacred consciousness will be revived in all humanity, and a world of peace and divinity will take shape.

Those who have formed the IN a certain number of times are thereby free to teach it to others. An instructor of this IN is known as a Ladder (rather than a leader). As Ladders, we enable others to climb to greater heights and see from a broader perspective. In a ‘laddership’ framework, everyone is on an equal footing in teaching and learning from one another.

Moreover, when we form the IN for Awakening to Humanity’s Divine Spark, we become a link connecting heaven and earth, a link connecting men and women, a link connecting young and old, and a link connecting human beings with nature. Everyone becomes a link, bridging the divides of our world. And as we pass on this IN to more and more people, we bring humanity closer to its divine awakening—to the rebirth of our sacred consciousness.

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