July 5th! is the July Grand ceremony.

Mark your calendar!
JOIN us in strengthening the energy field of an elevated, divine consciousness on earth.
September Ceremony Post
Focusing on the creation of an energy field of an elevated divine consciousness, based on the Effect-Cause theory, the July Grand ceremony projects the dawn of a more spiritual, harmonious, loving world.

To emphasize the importance of their role in contributing to this energy field, in last year’ s ceremony Masami Saionji reminded the participants of the following: ‘Your consciousness must be permeated by this most basic principle – contributing to the good of humanity.

This year the July ceremony comes on the heel of the Symphony of Peace Prayers (SOPP) held on May 17th, where the Fuji Declaration was launched. The Fuji Declaration states that the divine spark shines in every heart, every strand of life on earth is imbued with such life, all is interconnected and is one.

It is safe to say that the thousands of peace prayers ceremonies held at the sanctuary over the past forty years, each with their own specific energy and purpose, have built the ground for the launch of the Fuji Declaration.

However, many more events with such focused energy and a vision of a way of life that nurtures the full human-potential and divinity within each human spirit is needed.

JULY 5th !  is sure to be a wonderful and powerful day at the Fuji Sanctuary.
We invite you to join us and support the vision, through your prayers, meditation, intention, toward the manifestation of an energy field of heightened divine consciousness on earth. It IS accomplished !

Thank you for joining! May Peace Prevail on Earth

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