The Dawning of the Earth thru the Rebirth of Humanity’s Sacred Consciousness

Summer is not over yet !
But The Dawning of the Earth ceremony will be here very soon, September 6th.

receving the flowers for the Altar
As the energies of the planet are shifting, the ceremonies at Fuji embody that shift, pushed to the surface with the launch of the Fuji Declaration on May 17th.
The ceremony takes on the name that reflects that evolution, The New Dawning of Earth thru the Rebirth of Humanity’s Sacred Consciousness.

The core of the ceremony, its prayer rituals remain the same, honoring the deceased, our loved ones, our friends close and far. The ceremony is a moment of deep loving prayers, forgiveness, an embrace sent to every soul who has passed on.

The global incidents that have marked the year are well researched and presented ceremoniously, so that love and the purifying prayers’ energy are sent resonating throughout the ceremony to the souls who have died in these natural disasters and other accidents.
Prayers are sent to the natural kingdoms also, to the animals including laboratory animals, and to the minuscule critters’ lives, our biodiversity, dying from all sorts of reasons and without whom, neither the Earth nor humanity could live.
Altar with names of departed souls-1
This ceremony is joined by our friends from around the world who design their own program, a time for sharing our deep love for the many who have left this plane, and wishing for their ongoing light journey.

We invite you to join us in any manner that you feel, in this beautiful deep healing celebration of life on earth and in the beyond, that is the ceremony of The Dawning of the Earth thru the Renaissance of the Divine Essence in Humanity.
The ceremony at Fuji will start at 11am Japan time.

To read more about the ceremony click here.

May Peace Prevail on Earth