Welcome to the new Byakko.org!

Fuji from Prayer HillWelcome to the new Byakko.org, the global website of Byakko Shinko Kai! We are excited to be launching our updated website, with a fresh new look and many new features.

For more than half a century, Byakko Shinko Kai has dedicated itself to guiding individuals and humanity as a whole to attain an elevated consciousness, awaken to spiritual values, and live a peaceful, harmonious way of life. Founded on the philosophy and ideals of the late Masahisa Goi, Byakko aspires to help everyone on earth create a brighter future through easily accessible spiritual teachings and practices.

Over the years, Byakko has continued evolving, broadening its reach from small gatherings in Tokyo to a global community and worldwide events. This new website represents that evolution and expanded focus.

Today, our planet is more interconnected than ever, and while Byakko’s core mission remains unchanged, our community now encompasses all parts of the world, and we need a simple, straightforward, and widely accessible way to introduce the organization and let people know about the many events, activities, and practices that are taking place, both here at Fuji Sanctuary and across the globe.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through the new website and discovering (or re-discovering) the many resources that Byakko offers. Much of the information is revised and updated, aspects of Byakko’s philosophy and practices are newly introduced, and the site is being enhanced with new articles, photos, videos, and other materials. We will be adding more in the coming months, so please check back soon!

Through this news blog and our new Facebook page, we will be sending out updates from Fuji Sanctuary and information about the wonderful events and activities being conducted by friends of Byakko around the world. Please “Like” us on Facebook and visit this blog to stay up to date!

Our sincere wish is that through this website, our global community will grow stronger, and that you will be inspired to make Byakko’s philosophy and practices a more integral part of your own life.

We would also like to extend to everyone an invitation to visit our headquarters at Fuji Sanctuary, a beautiful outdoor sanctuary at the foot of Mount Fuji, where prayers for peace resonate all year round. Come for a special event, or simply to immerse yourself in the peaceful vibrations. We look forward to meeting you here soon!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!